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The Zeele Blog - exploring all things luxe, industrial and dining

The Zeele Blog - exploring all things luxe, industrial and dining

On the Zeele blog, we will be exploring all things luxe industrial.  We will take a journey back through time to examine the evolution of the industrial style and see how the aesthetic is applied in todays restaurant scene throughout our home city of Melbourne and the rest of the world. 

Why Luxe Industrial?

Luxe industrial is the style that I love because of its boldness, elegance and malleability. The basic palette in my home is black, white, grey and timber. We have white walls, polished concrete floors, timber windows then cabinetry and furniture that is either black, timber or both.  I love this palette as it is timeless, calming yet sophisticated.  It is also easily adapted to changes in my style and trends as it works with every possible colour whether it is the pastels and fleuro's of 2016, the olive green of early 2017 or my own personal love for fuschia.   

 In this blog we will be inviting guest stylists and interior designers to style our tables to explore the versatility of the luxe industrial style.  We also look forward to sharing great ideas from these experts of how to create and style the perfect dining room.


Dining culture

As well as a shared love of beautiful design, the team here at Zeele is also very passionate about food, the culture and experience of dining. We will (selflessly) explore the wonderful world of dining in our home city of Melbourne and globally when travelling to uncover the gems of luxe industrial styled spaces.  We want to gain design inspiration from these spaces as well insight from the owners and creators of why they chose the industrial aesthetic. 


The Zeele Journey

On the blog, we also will share our journey with you as Zeele develops, grows and creates. We invite you into our day to day experiences via our social media platforms of facebook and instagram. Here we will be posting images from the workshop, clients homes, stunning restaurants, photoshoots and much more! 

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