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Meet Maker - Concrete Crush

Meet Maker - Concrete Crush

Concrete Crush are makers of beautiful hand made concrete decor items such as pots, candles and planters.  Ray and Dijana are a husband and wife team with a passion for creating unique concrete products. 

I first met the very lovely Dijana after one of our Bombora dining tables was a part of a photo shoot at her amazing home in Torquay. She was madly packing hundreds of gorgeous handmade concrete candles headed for the Dare Gallery stores.  It was very clear from the very first moment of our meeting, that Dijana loves every moment of creating her wares.  

hand poured concrete candle

 The Concrete Crush workshop is a treasure trove of gorgeous things.  As a lover of plants and all things luxe industrial, I was besotted with the planters created from marbled concrete in dark grey and white.  The raw and matte concrete tones works so beautifully with the greens of succulents and ferns. 

I couldn't leave without taking home one of the lovely mini cemento natural soy candles with the delicious scent of lemongrass and coconut which instantly transports me back to a fun holiday in Thailand whenever it is lit.  

What is great about the candles being made from soy rather than paraffin wax is that firstly they don't release the black soot when burning and even more importantly there are no carcinogens released into the air. Also, when the candle is finished, you are left with a beautiful little pot perfect to house a gorgeous succulent! 

concrete candles handmade

Concrete Crush pieces are the perfect styling companion with our industrial dining tables as the final piece of the essential trio of materials in industrial styling of timber, metal and concrete.  The fact that these pieces are made by such a lovely family in our local area sealed the deal!

 Click here to see the range of Concrete Crush's pieces. 



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