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Introductions - Alison Collins

Introductions - Alison Collins

Since I was a small child, I have loved experiencing beautiful spaces. There is a certain peace and calm that exudes from a well crafted space.  My perfect home is where everything has its place and the interior is designed to express the unique personalities of the inhabitants. This is an ideal that I am still working towards achieving in my own home and look forward to exploring the "tricks of the trade" as we create this blog. 

My path towards running a creative business has been filled with lots of twists and turns. I started my professional life as an Osteopath but had been tossing up between this and a near polar opposite of studying to be an architect. I sold my Osteo practice just prior to having our first child as I wanted to move into something with more family friendly hours. We moved down from Melbourne to Torquay in 2012 to experience the coastal life and have never looked back. Luke, who was a firefighter at the time, was creating custom furniture in his days off. This furniture making interest had developed from falling in love with some recycled timber at a yard near our house. After our own home had been filled with his creations, Luke listed a couple of pieces on gumtree and the custom orders just started flowing in.  

Six months into being a stay at home mum, I started getting itchy to go out into the workforce again and wanted to see if we could make a business out of Lukes "hobby".  After a couple of months of website development, Bombora Custom Furniture was launched in late 2012. From those early days in our garage, the business now employs 3 full time furniture makers plus Luke and then myself and a part time admin staff member. 

The concept of Zeele was created in early 2016 whilst I was pottering around in the garden.  I was trying to work out how to join together the new style of furniture that Luke was creating with the quintessential Bombora style. The new style had black metal legs, sharp angles and slimline timber tops.  This was very different to the organic simple silhouettes and feature filled timbers that had always been the Bombora style. 12 months later, Zeele was "born".                                

I have really enjoyed the creation process of the new brand.  The range of dining tables Luke has created is very much my style and each piece would work perfectly in our home.  I would describe our "style" as luxe industrial. It is a combination of organic materials of timber, stone, polished concrete with white walls, black cabinetry and lots of plants.  The finishes are matte with a sense of luxury rather than the rustic look so often paired with industrial.  Our design has equally factors in beauty, function and longevity. 

Our first Zeele photo shoot was terrifying as I had never done anything like that before!  Luckily, with the help of a stylist, Amber from Black Salt Co, and photography genius Cricket from Cricket Studio, all went smoothly and turned out way better than I could ever have imagined. If only I could design the interiors of our home like this!  Bring in a huge amount of props and keep moving things around till it looks just right!    From this collaboration the Zeele "look" emerged. 

As part of the props gathering process, I very quickly realized that there are a huge number of very talented artists and craftspeople in our local surf coast area.  As well as using their wares to decorate the tables in the photo shoots, I also wanted to create an online platform for members of my local community to sell their creations as well.


On this blog I look forward to sharing with you our Zeele journey as we develop the brand and explore the world of interior design. 


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