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Introductions - Elina Gault

Introductions - Elina Gault

A brief history of me

I never had a clear idea of what I wanted to be when I was young, I knew I didn’t want to be a teacher or a professional artist despite that my interests pointed me in that direction. I never considered myself someone with an entrepreneurial mindset or imagined myself as a director of a business. Going through high school, I enjoyed spending time in the art room, making videos in Media, learning Indonesian and satisfaction of getting the correct answer in maths. Instead of following the straightforward route of choosing a career straight out of school, I believed that life would direct me to where I needed to be and to what I was meant to be doing. Following curiosity, I found myself collecting invaluable experience from all parts of life, from an undergrad and Masters in Fine Art, running my own private English tutoring business in Spain, working in customer service and administration in a gym, practicing as an artist to directing collaborative art projects. Little by little I became clear on what I do well and what I enjoy going. I am a creator, an ideas person, and someone who loves to organise, systemise and work out how things best connect. One day, I offered my divers set of skills and my time to my sister to lend a hand with Bombora Custom Furniture and a year later, Alison and Luke offered for me to join them in their new venture, Zeele. I jumped in!

director of local dining table business Photo credit: Dijana Risteska

Though it might seem a bit far fetched, I see a strong connection between my art practice, my interest in furniture and design, and running a creative business. Aesthetics, coming up with ideas, exploring concepts and working through a project to create a outcome are my key interests in both my art practice and in Zeele. The concepts I explore with Zeele on one hand are business related and result in marketing, business development and relationship building. On the other hand Zeele gives me the opportunity to explore my interests in aesthetics and culture through social media and this blog. There are 2 main strains of interest that I will be exploring through my blog posts; What is Luxe Industrial and A world of dining cultures. I am excited for you all to be joining me on this journey!


 What is Luxe Industrial

A Zeele dining table is unique in style and refined in form; quintessentially ‘Luxe Industrial’ in style. See Luxe Industrial Style Furniture. The new kid on the block of interior styles is still in need of classification and refinement. To delve deeper into what it entails, how it has been used in commercial spaces and how it is relevant to an everyday Australian household,  I intend to investigate the textures, colours, material combinations and inherent feeling of this style. Additional to my blog posts, you can follow this unfolding visually on our Instagram and Pinterest feeds and by looking up the hashtag #ZeeleTextures.

black powder coated dining table legs


A World of Dining Cultures

Having lived many years in Spain, I have experienced first hand how eating is integral to their culture. This is seen with ‘the siesta’, a 2 hour lunch break and ‘tapas and paella’, meals that are meant for sharing. Eating is not just to put nutrients in the body but a sacred part of the day to create and nurture bonds between friends, family and the community. The way people eat, the way food is shared, the time set aside for a meal and the environment in which this takes place is distinct in every home, every culture and every country. In my adventures in Australia and around the world I will explore the similarities, differences dining culture and to give us all the opportunity to adopt some new traditions into our personal cultures. 

Christmas lunch on a Luxe industrial dining table


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