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Introducing Mr Blake - Industrial Dining Table

Introducing Mr Blake - Industrial Dining Table

Mr Blake is the direct and matter of fact representative of the Zeele modern classic dining tables. The slimline timber table top sits above a black powder coated metal frame that seamlessly feed into square wooden legs. Creating parallel lines contrasted with subtle yet deliberate angles designed to create maximum leg space. 

Side view of square leg industrial dining table made from metal and timber.


Timber Types for a different aesthetic

Pictured with Wormy Chestnut timber, Mr Blake is made in a variety of timbers to suit any dining room aesthetic. For a modern and sophisticated feel, American Oak with its ash blonde tones and subtle grain patterns of the wood it the perfect pick. For a rustic charm with recycled features, recycled Messmate with its knots and black sap lines is your timber. For a look that is somewhere between these 2 aesthetics, Wormy Chestnut, with its subtle black markings and tonal variance, is an economical option that upholds the charm of its recycled variant. Click here for more info on timbers. 


The origins of the Mr Blake design

The Mr Blake was one of the dining table designs that was created especially for the Zeele luxe industrial range. After having made a few of the Mr Smith dining tables with its dainty angled and tapered legs, Luke wanted to experiment further with the concept of metal legs feeding into timber. The idea was to create a more masculine matter of fact design by putting emphasis on parallel lines. This is seen throughout the table such as the line created with contrasting colours and materials at the meeting point of the timber table top and metal base and where the metal meets timber in the legs. It is also seen in the parallel nature of the square legs and relationship between the legs. 

showing parallel line created between timber top and black metal base on a industrial dining table.

close up of metal and timber leg dining table. Made locally near Melbourne.


Metal table legs

The metal base and legs are created by a local family run business based in Melbourne. The metal portion of the table is engineered and handmade to an industrial quality. Once fabricated they are powder coated black for a heavy duty long lasting and perfect matte black finish.


My love affair with Mr Blake

What I love about the Mr Blake industrial dining table is how its straight forward look is perfectly balanced with a sneaky angle that adds a bit of playfulness to the design. Not to mention the functional convenience of the legs being out of the way so more people can be seated along the length of the table. For more information and pricing for the Mr Blake industrial dining table, follow this link!

Luxe industrial styled square leg dining table pictured with pink abstract painting.


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