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Introducing Mr Collins - industrial dining table

Introducing Mr Collins - industrial dining table

The Mr Collins dining table was designed for our own home thus the name Mr Collins.  It needed to be bold, refined and black to suit the luxe industrial style of our house. As we have a large open plan living / kitchen / dining space, we wanted a dining table that would create great visual interest from every angle.  To be a focal point whilst melding with the multitude of other items in the space. 

industrial dining table

The initial concept that Luke started with was to create the legs to look like a spider.  To create beautiful angles and junctions where nothing is parallel. The final design sees the legs coming out from a central X shape to each of the corners. The legs are both angled and tapered which results in them looking different from every angle. The design was further refined through discussions with the metal fabricator who delights in the challenges that Luke throws at him. 

black leg dining table

What I love about this design is that the legs are still visually prominent once chairs are put around the table. With many dining table designs, the legs are their individuality however most get lost as soon as chairs are involved.  

10 seater dining table

Creating a table that maximised sitting room was also an important factor in the design brief. The legs are angled out to the very corner of the table which enables 2 guests to sit at each end if required. 

modern dining table

We chose American Oak timber for our Mr Collins as it was the timber that would create the most contrast with the black legs.  In our kitchen, we have sections of Wormy Chestnut and recycled Messmate timber so using American Oak was a subtle way of separating the two areas.  

 For more information of the Mr Collins industrial dining table, please follow the link!


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