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Introducing Mr Rhodes - Industrial Dining Table

Introducing Mr Rhodes - Industrial Dining Table

Mr Rhodes is sharp, angular and not to afraid to show what he is made of. The matte black metal legs are angled and tapered with the two sections joined centrally by a rod and turnbuckle. The design of the legs ensures that from every angle, the table looks different making it the perfect statement piece for a modern home. 

Industrial dining table


Timber Types for a different aesthetic

Mr Rhodes is available in three different timber types each creating a different aesthetic. When created from American Oak timber, the ash blonde tones and subtle grain patterns of the wood creates a contemporary and sophisticated look.  With the recycled Messmate timber, the black sap lines, knots and recycled character results in the table with a bit more grit and rustic charm.  The Wormy Chestnut timber is a happy middle with less character than the recycled Messmate but more than the American Oak.  This timber is the same species as the Messmate however, as it is plantation grown, there is less of the black markings and tonal differences between sticks. 


The origins of the Mr Rhodes design

The Mr Rhodes design was the catalyst for starting the Zeele brand.  It was the first industrial style dining table that we created at Bombora Custom Furniture and was originally named "the Southside".  This piece was a collaborative design between Luke and the client for a dining room looking over the water in Queenscliff. The client wanted a piece that had the exposed inner workings quintessential to the industrial style however preferred it to be refined and sophisticated at the same time.  We have since created this table many many times including matching bench seats and desk versions.  

black metal leg dining table


Metal table legs

We are fortunate to have a previous client living in our hometown of Torquay who runs a metal fabrication family business in Melbourne.  Although architectural metal table legs was not something the business had created before, the highly skilled craftsman enjoyed a new challenge as something different to their usual large industrial works. Since the first Mr Rhodes prototype, Luke has greatly enjoyed collaborating with the metal fabrication team to give his ideas life.


My love affair with Mr Rhodes

What I love about this design is the rod and turnbuckle detail that really brings your attention to the design of the legs especially with a timber floor.  I also love how the legs angle out to the very corner of the table to ensure that minimal seating area is effected by the legs. 

luxe industrial dining table

For more information of the Mr Rhodes industrial dining table, please follow the link!


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