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Osmo - a natural finish for timber furniture

Osmo - a natural finish for timber furniture

My love affair with timber started many years ago with the creation of our custom furniture brand Bombora.  After years of experimentation with different finishes to protect and nourish the timber, we finally settled on Osmo and here is why...

modern recycled timber dining table


A natural looking finish

One of the many reasons people choose timber furniture for their homes is because of its unique texture and appearance. It has a sense of aliveness that is unrivaled by other materials. The brilliance of the Osmo finish is that it keeps the timber looking like real timber. Other finishes tend to make the timber go orange, which only worsens over time. The Osmo finish however creates a wet look to the timber rather than changing the tone. This means that the existing tones and grain patterns are enhanced rather than altered.


A natural feeling finish

There is something about timber that makes it so irresistibly touchable. The Osmo finish leaves the surface of the table feeling silky, not sticky or plastic like. The wood feels just like timber that has been smoothed out by hundreds of years of use. 


A hard wearing finish

It is vital for us, that the finish we use on the timber is hard wearing so that our dining tables can be used with confidence, not just admired from afar.  With 2 small children in my household, I don't have the time or the patience to protect our table from food and drinks getting spilled on it from joyfully eating little ones. Our table has been splattered with all sorts of delicious yet stain inducing food like spaghetti bolognase, curry, tomato sauce and pizza but 1.5 years on, there is not one single stain!

modern dining table


An easy care finish 

Osmo has developed two cleaning products that clean and care for furniture surfaces easily and quickly. The wash and care product is a cleaner that is effective whilst being gentle on the surface. I just have a spray bottle with the diluted mix to use to wipe down the table whenever necessary. Shop bought cleaners are too harsh and strip the waxes and oils from the timber.

The liquid wax spray cleaner is the product that rejuvenates the finish to maintain its protective layer and keep the timber looking beautiful. It contains a small amount of the product that was initially used to cure the timber. For a high use surface like a dining table, this product needs to be applied approximately every 3 months. Its a simple spray aerosol that distributes the finish thinly across the surface and then only needs to be evenly spread with a cotton rag.


 A non toxic finish

The Osmo finish has earned the classification of being food and toy safe.  This puts my mind at ease with my kids eating at (and off) the table as well as a product that our staff are always breathing in. The finish also has a low VOC rating which means that it is not emitting harmful substances into the air of your home. Click the link here to find our more about VOC's.  


A penetrating finish

Some finishes such as a polyurethane finish (two pack) just sits on the surface of the timber. The barrier is un-penetrable until it gets damaged after which the timber below is raw, exposed and unprotected.  The Osmo finish is a combination of naturally sourced oils and waxes.  The waxes sit on the surface to create a barrier whilst the oils penetrate into the wood for nourishment and deeper protection.  In the case of a scratch that damages the outer barrier, the timber is still protected by the inner barrier of the oils. This means that there is no lifting and peeling of the finish or discoloration of the timber over time.

metal leg dining table


A fixable finish

The longevity of an Osmo finished dining table is the result of having a fixable finish.  Any dining table that is used is going to endure wear and tear over the years. With some finishes, the whole surface needs to be sanded back and the finish reapplied to repair even the most minor damage. This resurfacing can be prohibitive as it requires skill, creates lots of mess and can become very expensive if done by a professional. An Osmo finish can be spot fixed with the repair oil in the case of a larger scratch or just an application of the spray wax cleaner for a more minor scratch.  This means that an Osmo finished dining table, with very little effort, can look as good as new for a very, very long time.

To view our range of beautiful industrial dining tables with an Osmo finish, click the link!


Alison Collins is the co-owner of Zeele, business head, marketing guru and lover of gardening, hiking and living mindfully. 


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