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How to maintain a Zeele dining table?

How to maintain a Zeele dining table?

Timber is a living, breathing material that needs to be cared for to ensure that it continues to look beautiful for many years to come. The attention you put into your piece of furniture is not just rewarded with longevity but also a lovely patina that develops over time.

It is vital to us that our dining tables can be used and loved with confidence. That the timber can withstand the rigours of family life and is easy to care for. The Osmo furniture finish, as well as being high performing, non toxic and lovely to look at, has very simple maintenance requirements. 

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First 28 days

In the first 28 days after the finish has been applied to the timber on your dining table, it is vital that the surface is cared for correctly to ensure it cures properly. The curing process is the absorption and hardening process of the finish which ensures that the timber is resistant to liquids and stains.

1- The timber needs to be uncovered so that it can breath.

2- The timber needs to be protected when in use. A simple sheet or table cloth works perfectly when eating on the surface which then needs to be removed once finished. 

Daily maintenance

Osmo has created a special product that washes the surface whilst protecting the timber. This is the only product we recommend to use on your dining table surface as it has been specifically designed to care for an Osmo finished surface. Off the shelf cleaning products are too harsh and will strip the finish off the timber leaving it unprotected. In our house, we have mixed up the wash and care product into a spray bottle and simply spray and wipe after a messy meal. A damp cloth will also work perfectly well for crumbs. Use a cloth that doesn't leave behind too much moisture such as a microfibre cloth. 

timber dining table maintenance

Quarterly maintenance 

The second product in the maintenance kit from Osmo is the spray wax cleaner. This product contains some of the same finish product that we used to seal the timber of your dining table. Reapplication of this product is vital to ensure that the timber is nourished and resistant to stains. This product should be used every 3-6 months. Simply spray lightly from a distance of 30cm over the clean dry surface and rub in with a soft cloth. You will know when it is time to reapply the product as the surface will start looking dry and lackluster. 


Applying the spray wax cleaner product too often can actually be detrimental to the timber. If the surface of your table is starting to look streaky, this most likely is overuse of the spray wax cleaner. You can strip it back with a non-scratch scourer pad. 

Osmo maintenance kit


Avoid hot items being placed directly onto the surface of your dining table. Not only will it damage the finish but it also may burn the timber.

Avoid prolonged contact of acidic liquids onto your table surface as this can eat away at the finish. This is such things as vinegar, lemon juice and in my case- a jar of sauerkraut! 

Don't scrub the surface with an abrasive cloth as it can damage both the finish and the timber. 

Avoid leaving spills on the surface of the table. 


Repairing a scratch

In the case of shallow scratches, applying a coat of the liquid spray cleaner will help to decrease the appearance as well as protecting the timber from liquid damage. For larger scratches, you will need a repair kit containing the same product as we originally used when creating your table. Please contact us directly for more specific advice. 


 Alison is the co-owner of Zeele, business head, marketing guru and lover of gardening, hiking and living mindfully. 


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