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Luxe Industrial Style Furniture

Luxe Industrial Style Furniture

What is the Luxe Industrial Aesthetic?

The luxe industrial aesthetic is a refinement of the industrial aesthetic.  The two basic ingredients are a contrast of multiple materials and an exposure of the inner workings. Rather than being rustic however as per the more classic industrial styled furniture, a Zeele industrial dining table is elegant, sophisticated and a foundation piece, just like that wardrobe staple, the little black dress.  The timber top is slimline and deliciously smooth. The matte black metal legs are on an exaggerated angle, with folded metal, exposed turn buckles and splined attachments.  

industrial dining table Sydney

 A Zeele luxe industrial dining table is bold yet has a malleability resulting from the clean lines and matte black legs.  A huge range of styling is possible with our range of table tables because of the timelessnes of timber and the matte black.  Dramatic colors, bold prints and textures don't overpower the table yet the designs also work with the more subtle greys, creams and even dusky pink.  

luxe industrial dining table

 A dining table is one of the foundation pieces in the interior design of any home because of its size and frequency of use.  In todays modern open plan homes, the dining room is often part of an large open plan space and therefore needs to work congruently with the colours, textures and shapes in the remainder of the space. 

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