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What size dining table for number of seats?

What size dining table for number of seats?

Selecting the right size for your new dining table is vital in ensuring it is aesthetically pleasing and that sitting at the table is a comfortable experience.  Due to its size and today's open plan living, your table is one of the foundation pieces in the styling of your home. Too big and there are traffic flow issues or too small and the opportunity for impact is lost. Below is a guide on how to work out the best size of dining table for the number of people you want to seat and the dimensions of your dining room. 


Size of dining table for number of seats

For a comfortable dining experience, leaving 500 - 550mm per sitter is ideal. This gives lots of elbow and knee room whilst still creating that sense of intimacy.  There also needs to be additional length added at the end of the dining table to fit the knees of the sitter at the end.  Usually around 300-400mm is enough. If the table design however has chunky or centrally placed legs then there may need to be further length factored in. For round dining tables, more complex maths is required involving pi x the diameter / mm per sitter.  ie - (1200 x 3.142)/500

 Given these numbers, here is the list of our dining table sizes and the number of sitters that fit.  


Rectangular dining table sizes        

1900mm x 980mm - 6 seater

2500mm x 1120mm - 8 seater

3000mm x 1120mm -  10 seater (12 at a squeeze with 2 chairs at each end)


Round dining table sizes

1200mm Ø - 6 seater

1500mm Ø - 8 seater

1800mm Ø -  10 seater (please note with this size you will need to check the size of your doorways for access)


how many seats fit rectangular dining table

Size of dining table for room

The dimensions of your dining space is other other important factor to consider when selecting the size of your new dining table.  The aesthetics as well as the flow of traffic need to be examined. 

For ease of flow of traffic when the dining table is in use, leave a minimum of 800mm between the table and any obstruction such as other furniture, a fireplace or wall.   The ideal distance to create that perfect balance between space and intimacy is 1200mm.  

The maximum distance to leave between an obstruction and the table is 1800mm.  Otherwise the table looses its visual impact and is dwarfed by the space.  There is also an opportunity to fit in another seat or two by choosing a larger table! 

round industrial style dining table

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