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Zeele dining table sizes

Zeele dining table sizes

At Zeele furniture, as we are all about creating a beautiful, memorable and comfortable dining experience, we have created all of our dining tables to have generous sizing. This means that there is not uncomfortable negotiations of whos knees or elbows go where when you have a full table. There is plenty of room to move, eat and get in and out of chairs. We have based our calculations on a wide chair with a seat of 530mm. At each table end there is also 400mm knee space to ensure the prime seats are just that!  

When planning your dining room, there are a couple of other dimensions that ensure the most comfortable experience. To allow for ease of flow around your dining table, allow for at least 800mm between the table and any obstructions such as a wall, fireplace or other furniture. Too much space however can set the visual balance off and dwarf your table so allow for a maximum distance of 1800mm. 

 10 seater dining table


Dimensions of the Zeele range of rectangular dining tables

6 seater dining table - 1900mm w x 980mm d

8 seater dining table - 2500mm w x 1120mm d

10 seater dining table - 3000mm w x 1120mm d


Dimensions of the Zeele range of round dining tables

6 seater dining table - 1200mm diameter

8 seater dining table - 1500mm diameter

10 seater dining table - 1800mm diameter


To view our range of modern dining tables, follow the link here


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