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Our Story

A Zeele industrial table is a pairing of contrasts.  The natural, life filled timber with its unique story of the forest, rain and sunshine distinctly opposite to the sharply angled metal legs, cold, smooth and stark, an expression of our human mastery over the elements. Together, these contrasting materials create a thing of beauty, something that brings joy to look at and touch.

After years of designing furniture for other people in our custom furniture brand Bombora, Zeele is an expression of our own style, honed from bits gathered from every piece of furniture we have created before. Each angle, transition and dimension has been carefully considered to create striking beauty. It is our hope that every time you look or touch a Zeele dining table, you will feel the joy that has gone into creating it.

The name Zeele is an expression of love for our family, crafted from the initials of our names and those of our children. We are a brand formed with zeal by a family, 2 sisters, a husband and wife, with a desire to create beautiful dining tables for other families.  A platform that is a part of those special moments each day where you gather to relish the rituals of togetherness.


Our Team

Luke, our head designer and maker, is a man of the sea and land. A lover of the surf, the bush and timber. He is a self taught furniture maker and designer who creates organically, not wanting to be influenced by what has come before. Elina, the voice of our social media and organiser of the chaos. An artist, efficiency genius and gypsy of the world. Currently residing in Melbourne…... Alison, the business mind and spreader of the word. A lover of nature, creating a beauty filled home and living mindfully. Zeele industrial dining tables are created by our small team of 4 timber loving furniture makers in Torquay on the Victorian Surf Coast. All the metal aspects are fabricated by a family run business in Melbourne who share our passion for quality craftsmanship.


The final piece of the Zeele puzzle came together when Alison was collecting artwork and decor to style the first photo shoot. It became abundantly clear that in our hometown of Torquay on the Victorian Surf Coast, we are surrounded by a plethora of very talented artists, craftsman and creatives. We wanted to share these treasures with the rest of the world as the perfect accompaniment to our luxe industrial dining tables.

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