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The Zeele blog is a place of exploration of the industrial aesthetic and the experience of dining.  We take our readers on a journey through the design and creation of our industrial dining tables as well as interview our very talented artists and creatives.  We explore cafes and restaurants with a refined industrial style throughout our home city of Melbourne and the rest of the world on our adventures.  We talk to stylists and interior designers about how to create a luxe industrial aesthetic in your home and to showcase the multitude of different ways our industrial dining tables can be styled.
A beginning to industrial style - Benjamin Franklin Bridge

Date: July 21 2017

You might be thinking right now... What does an old bridge in Philadelphia have to do with a Zeele industrial dining table? Well, there is the...

Introducing Mr Rhodes - Industrial Dining Table

Date: July 10 2017

Mr Rhodes is sharp, angular and not to afraid to show what he is made of. The matte black metal legs are angled and tapered with...

Introductions - Luke Collins

Date: June 27 2017

As a kid, I was obsessed with trains and bridges. I was in awe of their scale, complexity of engineering and their power. I can’t...

What size dining table for number of seats?

Date: June 22 2017

Selecting the right size for your new dining table is vital in ensuring it is aesthetically pleasing and that sitting at the table is a comfortable...

Introducing the Mr Collins industrial dining table

Date: June 15 2017

The Mr Collins dining table was designed for our own home thus the name Mr Collins.  It needed to be bold, refined and black to suit...