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Timber is a material with unrivaled uniqueness, warmth and touch-ability.  It injects life into any space with its varied tones, flowing grain patterns and evidence of its exposure to the elements. The timber and steel of our industrial dining tables create that perfect balance of contrasting materials with each element holding its own yet enhancing the other.  


Wormy Chestnut

Wormy Chestnut is a FSC rated newly harvested hardwood timber from a collection of different species of native Australian Eucalypt. The timber colour is similar to a traditional oak with mellow straw blonde and light brown tones. The timber shows evidence of the challenges that it faces in the harsh Australian environment of drought, winds, fire and flood with black holes, gum veins and interesting grain patterns.

American Oak

This beautiful ash blonde timber is newly harvested from the White Oak tree that a native to northern America and is FSC rated. The timber is very similar in appearance to European Oak with stunning coarse and straight grain patterns and minimal black markings. This timber is elegant and sophisticated whilst being very durable.

Recycled Messmate

This beautiful recycled timber is known for its stunning natural features of swirling grain lines, contrasting sap lines and changing tones. The wood is from the native Australian tree Eucalyptus Obliqua which is a native to the southeastern regions of Australia. It is a very hard wearing timber that has long been used in the construction industry making it readily available reclaimed.